2018 Hiroshi Ozawa Sensei Seminar in Oxford

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We were delighted to host the 2018 Ozawa sensei seminar in July.

Thank you for attending the Ozawa sensei Seminar in Oxford!

It was very good to see so many people from various dojos around the UK attend the seminar. I hope you practice keeping in mind and spirit all the advice and insights from the seminar. This was a very special seminar as Ozawa sensei is retiring from seminars and long travels overseas. We were very fortunate that he and the other senseis were able to travel down from Edinburgh to Oxford for the seminar. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with the senseis in the days before and after the seminar. The senseis all had very positive feedback on everyone’s kendo. Ozawa sensei’s departing words at the airport before his journey home were 我以外皆我師 (Aside from myself, anyone is my teacher).

Big thank you to Hiyama sensei as the seminar would not have occurred without him discussing a seminar in Oxford with Ozawa sensei two years ago. Also many thanks to all those who help make the seminar a success including Kyo Ikeda who flew in from Austria to help, Marcus Naschke, Aris Katzourakis and Richard Kupce.

I would like to also thank everyone who helped with the seminar. As always, please come join our practice if you are ever visiting Oxford!

Louie Chen – Dojo Leader, Oxford Kendo

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