As we return to kendo practice on 16th September, Wednesday, there will be new requirements conforming to COVID-19 guidelines. Keep in mind that these measures will be subject to change pending government and BKA announcements.

We will require everyone to sign in before each practice. Please complete the form in the link below ahead of each practice you are attending. It would be better of course if you can sign in on your own devices to avoid contact. Please do this just before or as you are arriving to the practice venue and will be mixing with members of the club so we can be sure we know who has been at each practice. Please bookmark the link as you’ll be required to sign in each time.

/ registration link:
The link has also been placed on the Oxford Kendo website at

Wednesdays: General practice
Sundays: General practice
As we do not know how many members will be coming to practices, we will keep these open as General Practice. If the numbers increase, we can introduce different schedules as required i.e. staggered practice schedule.

We will be adhering to the BKA’s guidelines on kendo practices under COVID-19. The full details of these guidelines are provided at:

BKA Guidelines on Kendo Practice

Summary of the Key Action Points:
Based on our (the kendo Bu’s) understanding of the current situation the BKA kendo Bu
recommends that whilst participation does elevate the risk of contracting or spreading
COVID-19, this can be mitigated by taking precautions to ensure participants are:
• Not infected/unwell or have had contact with anyone who is or may be infected
• Using good personal hygiene routines
• Maintaining safe spacing at all times
• Using a mask and Men shield/s for one to one training
• Training in a well-ventilated room
• Not sharing equipment
• Only engaging in kendo related fitness or technical training and/or Technical
training in Kendo armour

We will have to be patient as there is little doubt that the return to kendo under COVID-19 will have unforeseen adjustments that will have to be made as we progress.

Louie Chen
Dojo Leader
Oxford Kendo