The first Kendo club in Oxford started in 1983 at Oxford Brookes University in Wheatley through the founders Phil Belcher  from Kodokan dojo (formally Atarashii Kendo Club – Amersham), John Foreman, support from Terry Holt Sensei (Kyoshi, 7th Dan, Mumeishi) and two members from Reading Kendo Club Martin Townsend and Barry Davis Porter. Oxford Kendo club was also one of the six clubs forming the Thames Valley Kyokai in 1986 and included the Reading, Basingstoke, Abingdon, Mumeishi and Kodokan dojos.

The first mention of kendo in Oxford appears through Fujisake while he was a student in Oxford in 1905, however it is likely he may have practised only judo:

1905 16th November.The F J Norman demonstration in London.
Francis James Norman on his arrival in London demonstrates ‘jujutsu and kenjutsu at the Marlborough Hall Polytechnic, Regent Street. Instructors present: Kanaya, Tani Yukio, Miyake, Fujisake, Eida, Miss Roberts, F.J. Norman, Sergeant-Major Betts, and some pupils from the Japanese School of Ju-jitsu, 305 Oxford Street’.
(From:’A man of Many Parts’- by Paul Budden. Published in Kendo World 2014).

There are records also from 1926 with Koizumi Gunji and Tani Yukio from the Budokwai in London teaching Judo at Oxford University. Koizumi sensei & Tani sensei also practised kendo with Koizumi sensei having taken part in the Garden Party demonstration in May 1937 with R A Lidstone ( Lidstone Taikai) as part of a kendo demonstration for Prince Chichibu in his honour at the Hurlingham Sports Club, Fulham, London. This was with members of the Anglo Japanese Judo Club who organised the event. Those taking part also included Fukima, Kudzutani Arataro, Koizumi Gunji,Sakakibara, Omori, Okamoto Yoshitomo, Mishiku Kaoru, Nogi, Calmer, R.A. Lidstone, Fenlon, Rudwell, Cope, Hanibourn, Pepler and Philips.