Oxford Kendo membership entitles members to participate in all appropriate practices at Oxford University, Oxford Brookes and Oxford Kendo.

Free trials are offered at our Sunday practices for those who have never practiced kendo. We currently have open enrolment on Sundays for beginners.

We require all members to register as a member of the Oxford Kendo Club so we can receive your emergency contact information. We also require all members to register with the British Kendo Association for insurance policy coverage. We cannot permit anyone to practice beyond the trial period without registration to both organisations. Details on the two registrations are provided below:

1. Oxford Kendo Registration:
All members are required to register after the first trial so we have your contact details and emergency contact information. We will also send you emails regarding any changes, policies, etc. on practices.
Oxford Kendo Registration: https://oxfordkendo.club/index.php/membership-registration/

2. BKA Registration: 
It will be your responsibility to enrol with the BKA annually. This is strictly required for insurance reasons and covers both you and your practicing partner in the event of any injuries suffered in the dojo practicing venue. Membership to the BKA is mandatory and participation will not be otherwise allowed.
BKA Registration: http://kendo.org.uk/membership-fees/

We require anyone participating in events such as seminars, competitions or grading examinations who are registered with Oxford Kendo to be current with their membership fees. You will be required to pay the membership fees regardless of the number of practices attended. If you plan to leave practice for a specific period of time, please let us know in advance.

Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University members pay termly fees to their respective clubs. All members of Oxford Kendo Club, Oxford University Kendo Club and Oxford Brookes Kendo Club are free to practice at the different venues from each clubs for free after paying their respective fees. We encourage students attending Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University to attend Oxford Kendo practices and vice versa. This joined arrangement between the three clubs in Oxford provides more opportunities than normally offered in other cities and clubs. We require anyone attending any practices at Oxford Kendo practices to register in the section above.

Monthly Membership fees are collected monthly by direct debit using the GoCardless service. We have memberships for adults and juniors, and a discounted rate for families. Please select the appropriate membership below, and press the button to be redirected to payment via GoCardless

We are not currently running a beginners course at the moment while returning to more normal scheduling. Instead, we offer new beginners the opportunity to come for free trials on Sundays and have an open enrolment as we ease back into normal scheduling. Beginners courses run approximately 6-8 weeks depending on the level and rate of progress for each group. Beginners courses are held every Sunday and run concurrently to our normal practice. The course will emphasize footwork, posture, kendo and dojo etiquette, basic kendo strikes and other fundamental aspects of kendo with the goal of the beginner being confident by the end of the course to join the main practice group and our other practices as well. The beginners course also includes basic equipment to get you started with a kendo shinai, bokken and a bag for both.

We welcome visitors to Oxford Kendo to come practice with us anytime. If you require bogu/shinai, please let us know ahead and perhaps we have something we can loan you. If you are a visitor and are going to be with us for more than a month, there is a fee of £7.50 per session or a monthly membership. If you are decide to start attending practice more regularly in Oxford, we will require that you register as an Oxford Kendo member and submit the appropriate fees and applications.