Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University members pay term fees to their respective clubs. All members of Oxford Kendo Club, Oxford University Kendo Club and Oxford Brookes Kendo Club are free to practice at the different venues from each clubs for free after paying their respective fees. We encourage students attending Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University to attend Oxford Kendo practices and vice versa. This joined arrangement between the three clubs in Oxford provides more opportunities than normally offered in other cities and clubs. We require anyone attending any practices at Oxford Kendo practices to register in the section above.

We welcome visitors to come practice with us. If you require bogu/shinai, please let us know ahead and perhaps we have something we can loan you. If you are a visitor and are going to be with us for more than a month, there is a fee of £7.50 per session or a monthly membership (see below). Please register as an Oxford Kendo member so we have your emergency contact information. Friday practices are included in monthly memberships, but otherwise £5 per session.

Minimum age is 8 years old, although exceptions can be made depending on the individual’s maturity. Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and welfare of their children. We ask that parents are present during practices until the individual has settled in. We all precautions in maintaining the highest safety and child protection standards; however, instructors and coaches at Oxford Kendo Club can only look after the children inside the practice halls during the practice hours. We require juniors be with parents in the changing rooms. If the junior is attending practices on their own, please come dressed ahead of practice. Juniors are also only permitted to use the disabled or nonshared toilet facilities. It is the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians to be on time with drop-off and collection. By allowing your child to participate in a kendo practice at Oxford Kendo Club, it is assumed that you are giving consent for your child to: 1) receive first aid or medical treatment following injury or illness 2) be photographed as part of the normal record of activities and achievements of students at the club (occasionally pictures used for promotion purposes) 3) receive assistance in the donning, removal or adjustment of armour/protective clothing as necessary.


Members are required to complete both the Oxford Kendo Club and the British Kendo Association registrations:
1. Oxford Kendo Registration:
Required to register for emergency contact information, emails regarding any changes, policies, etc. on practices:
Oxford Kendo Registration: https://oxfordkendo.club/index.php/membership-registration/
2. BKA Registration: 
Required annual BKA registration as sports liability insurance cover for our club:
BKA Registration: http://kendo.org.uk/membership-fees/


Single visits (after 1 month) and Friday practices in Banbury. Friday practices are included with monthly memberships.

Monthly Membership fees are collected monthly by direct debit using the GoCardless service. The family rate includes all adults and children in the family. If you would like to pay the membership through direct debit BACS (bank transfer), please contact us for bank details. Please select the appropriate membership below, and press the button to be redirected to payment via GoCardless:

We offer a discounted annual membership fee with an annual direct debit using the GoCardless service. Please select the appropriate membership below, and press the button to be redirected to payment via GoCardless

Visitors are welcome to observe any of our Sunday practices.

Beginners courses run approximately 6 to 8 weeks and are held on Sundays only. Please refer to the live Google Calendar for the next starting session. If you are interested in observing a practice, please come to any of our Sunday sessions.

The course covers the basics of footwork, posture, kendo dojo etiquette (reigi) and fundamental kendo (kihon) strikes. At the end of the course, the beginner integrates into the main practice group. The beginners course includes starter equipment with a kendo bamboo shinai, wooden bokken/bokuto and a weapons bag. If the beginner member is away for any reason during the course and miss a few practices, please just let us know.

After the completion of the beginners course, please sign up to one of our membership plans.